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What can I do with a Philosophy degree?

As graduates from the Philosophy program at Washington University have demonstrated – Philosophy can be the path to many different successful careers. Rather than a narrow preparation for some specific career that closes the doors to other opportunities, Philosophy is a gateway into almost any future you might want to pursue.

Studying philosophy provides a foundation in many key skills that are attractive to a wide spectrum of employers, including:

  • problem-solving
  • written and oral communications
  • analytic reading
  • persuasiveness
  • understanding related fields and disciplines

According to the American Philosophical Association, "people with bachelor’s degrees in philosophy tend to earn more over their lifetime than people with degrees in any other humanities field. Philosophy students have both the highest starting salary of any humanities major ($44,700) and the highest percent increase between starting and mid-career salary ($84,100)."

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What does a career with a Philosophy degree look like?

The American Philosophical Association provides career resources and data for anyone in the philosophy field, including a job board, details about academic and non-academic careers, guidance for job seekers, and more.

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