WIPS - Anne Baril, Washington University in St. Louis

Title: "The Relationship Between Virtue and Value"

Abstract: I would like to use my time with the group to brainstorm a half-baked (or quarter-baked) idea I have concerning the relationship between virtue and value.  I consider myself a eudaimonist, in some sense, but find neo-Aristotelian naturalism implausible. I would like to consider, with the group, some other accounts of virtue and value, such as Christine Swanton’s pluralistic account, and Robert Adams’ theory of virtue as being ‘for’ the good. I also see W.D. Ross’s discussion of duties, some, but not all, of which are value-based, as relevant here. I would like to briefly sketch an idea I have, of the virtuous person as, in part, a value-enhancing person, and engage the group in some freeform discussion of these ideas.

I have not attached a draft, but I’ve attached two short pieces by Swanton and Adams, in case people are interested in reading these before the discussion. (And if, upon reading this, there is anything you think it would be helpful for *me* to read before the discussion please email me - anne.m.baril@wustl.edu. This goes for people who can’t make it to the discussion as well- any recommendations are welcome!)