Academic Placement for Graduate Students

An annual placement orientation takes place at the end of the spring semester. During the summer, the Graduate School Student Senate organizes workshops on formulating the teaching statement. In September, everyone on the market workshops their dossiers. In October, the letters of reference are gathered, vetted for typos and inconsistencies, and organized. In November and December, there are practice job talks and mock interviews.

The academic job market is, as all of us know, very competitive. There are more students completing their PhD each year than there are academic job opportunities. In light of this, we also seek to help those seeking non-academic jobs. For those seeking non-academic employment there are several resources available.

An annual placement orientation takes place at the end of the spring semester. During the summer, the Graduate School Student Senate organizes workshops on formulating the teaching statement. In September, everyone on the market workshops their dossiers. In October, the letters of reference are gathered, vetted for typos and inconsistencies, and organized. In November and December, there are practice job talks and mock interviews.  

Academic Placement Record
This lists every graduating PhD, by year of graduation. PNP graduates are noted, alongside the name(s) of the supervisor(s).

Ian Tully. Parsing the Blues: What Depression Reveals about the Life Well-Lived (Doris).

Mark Povich. Model and World: Generalizing Ontic Conception of Scientific Explanation (PNP, Craver). Visiting, WUSTL, 2017-present.

Anna Christensen. Better Off Dead: Suicide in Plato's Philosophy (Brown), Lecturer, Central College 2017-present.

Sarah Malanowski. Against the grain: How the Delineation of Mechanisms Affects our Scientific Practices (PNP, Mallon). Visiting Assistant Professor, Florida Atlantic University, 2017-present.

Nazim Keeven. A Story to Remember: Narrativity, Memory & the Self (PNP, Craver/Doris), TT, Bilkent University, Turkey, 2016-present.

Timothy Oakberg. A Normative Problem of Shame (PNP, Craver). General Internal Medicine, CU School of Medicine, 2016-present.

C. Felipe Romero. The Social Epistemology of Scientific Self-Correction (PNP, Craver). Postdoctoral Fellow, Tilburg University 2016-2018. TT, University of Groningen, 2018-present.

Nich Baima. Truth, Knowledge, and the Value of False Belief in Plato (Brown). Visiting, Assistant Professor, University of Missouri - Columbia, 2015-2017. TT, Florida Atlantic University, Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College, 2017-present.

Lauren Olin. Housing Mirth (PNP, Doris). TT, University of Missouri - St. Louis, 2015-present.

Mike Dacey. Simple Minded: Rethinking Associations in Psychology (PNP, Mallon). Visiting, WUSTL, 2015-2016. Faculty Fellow, Colby College 2016-2017. TT, Bates College, 2017-present.  

Tyler Paytas. Bound to Aim at Good Generally: A Sidgwickian Argument for Rational Impartialism (Driver). Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute of Philosophy at the University of Stuttgart, 2015-16. Research Fellow in Philosophy, Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry, Australian Catholic University, 2016-present.

David Winchell. Paradigmatic Self-Deception (Doris). Employed by military in an analytical position.

Nathan Adams. Evidential Modern Political Authority, (Wellman). Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Goethe University, Summer 2014. Visiting Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech, 2014-15. Research Fellow, Goethe University, 2015-18. Postdoctoral Fellow, McMaster University, 2018-19. Assistant Professor (TT), University of Virginia, 2019-present.

Jason Gardner. Bio-Enhanced Constructivism: Moral Facts for the Naturalistic but Morally Serious Philosopher (Brown). Visiting, WUSTL, 2014-2018.

Isaac Wiegman. Anger and Punishment: Natural History and Normative Significance (PNP, Mallon/Doris). Visiting, WUSTL, 2014-2015. Lecturer, Texas State University, 2015-present.

John Gabriel. From Unity to Wholeness, (Heil). Visiting, WUSTL, 2013-14. 

Santiago Amaya. Slips (PNP, Sorensen). Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Humboldt University, Berlin, 2012-2013. TT, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, 2013-present.

Jan Plate. Essence and Ontology (Sattig). Visiting, WUSTL, 2012-2013. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Philosophische Seminar, University of Tübingen, 2013-2014. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 2014-2016. Scientific Collaborator, Universita della Svizzera italiana, 2017-present.

Sarah Robins. A Contsructive Trace Theory of Memory (PNP, Craver). Postdoctoral Researcher, WUSTL, Summer 2012. TT, University of Texas at El Paso, 2012-2013. TT, University of Kansas, 2013-present. 

Adam Shriver. The Asymmetry Thesis: Pleasure and Pain's Radically Different Contributions to Well-Being (PNP, Doris). Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Rotman Institute, University of Western Ontario, 2012-13. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Pennsylvania (Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy), 2013-15. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of British Columbia, 2015-2017. Research Fellow, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford, 2017-present.

Martin Turner. Moral Disagreement and Moral Realism (Brown). Senior Lecturer, Ohio State University, 2013-?.

David Bauman. Integrity, Moral Identity, and Why Moral Exemplars Do What is Right (Wellman). TT, Regis University, 2011-present.

Jeff Brown. A Normative Theory of Disability (May). Lecturer, University of Denver, 2011-2013. Postdoctoral Lecturer, University of Denver, 2013-2016. Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Denver, 2016-present.

Jill Delston. A Hybrid Theory of Global Justice (Brown/May). Visiting, Mt. Holyoke College, 2011-2012. Associate Teaching Professor, University of Missouri - St. Louis, 2012-present.

Don Goodman-Wilson. The Manipulated Mechanism: Towards an Account (Craver). Visiting Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Colorado College, 2012-2013. Employed in the private sector, 2013-present.

Zach Hoskins. The Moral Permissibility of Punishment (Wellman/May). Postdoctoral Research Fellow, U. Minnesota Law School, 2011-2014. Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham, UK, permanent position.   

Arnon Cahen. The Epistemic Problem of Perception: Perception and Nonconceptual Apprehension (PNP, Sorensen/Bermúdez). Post-doc, Ben Gurion University, 2010-2012. Co-founder, PraxiSophia.

Sylvia Rolloff. Explanatory Models in Behavioral Endocrinology (Des Chene). Adj., Webster U. Limited academic searches.

David Speetzen. The Ethics of Forcible Democratization (Wellman). Visiting, Winona State, 2011-2012. TT, Winona St., 2012-present.

Carrie Vodehnal. Virtue, Practical Guidance, and Practice (Doris). Did not seek academic employment.

Emily Austin. Fear and Death in Plato (Brown). TT, Wake Forest U., 2009-present.

Emily Crookson. John Locke on Obligation: Sensation, Reflection, and the Natural Duty to Consent (May). Visiting, U. North Carolina, 2009-2011. Visiting, WUSTL, 2011-2012. Visiting, Coastal Carolina U., 2012-2015.

Sarit Smila. From Care to Virtue (Friedman). Part-time teaching in St. Louis area, 2009-present. Limited academic searches.

Stephanie Bauer. The Ethics of Human Enhancement: Feminism, Autonomy, and Authenticity (Friedman). TT, U. of Alaska, Anchorage, 2008-present.

Brandon Towl. Non-Reductive Physicalism and the Theory of Constrained Kinds (PNP, Bermúdez). Part-time positions in St. Louis area, 2008-2012.

J. Clerk Shaw. Plato and Epicurus on Pleasure, Perception, and Value (Brown). TT, U. of Tennessee-Knoxville, 2007-2013. T, U. of Tennessee-Knoxville, 2013-present.

Steve Viner. Sovereignty and Self-Defense (May). Visiting, Middlebury, 2007-2008. TT, Middlebury, 2008-present.

Matthew Cashen. Happiness, Eudaimonia, and Virtue Ethics (May, Brown). Visiting, WUSTL, 2006-2007. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, WUSTL, 2007-2008. TT, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, 2008-2014. T, SIUE, 2014-present.

Kai Wong. Collective Historical Responsibility and Deliberating about Identity and Responsibility in an Age of Diversity and Ambiguity (May). Non-academically employed.

J. Robert Thompson. Contexts, Intentions, and Content (Prinz/Robbins). Visiting Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania, 2003-2004. Visiting Assistant Professor, Denison University, 2004-2005. Visiting Assistant Professor, Rice University, 2005-2007. Visiting Assistant Professor, Wabash College, 2007-2008. TT, Mississippi State University, 2008-2014. T, Mississippi State University, 2014-present.

Ellen Landers. Mental Disorder in a Biomedical Age: Problems with Symptoms, Perils of Reduction Character and Choice (PNP, Prinz). Did not seek academic employment.

Christopher Robertson. Global Political Justice: Creating Supranatural Law to Prevent Harms (May). Attended Harvard Law School (J.D., 2007). Fellow and Lecturer in Law, Harvard, 2008-2010. Faculty, University of Arizona Rogers College of Law, 2010-present.

Daniel Weiskopf. A Defense of Conceptual Pluralism (PNP, Bechtel/Prinz). TT, U. South Florida, 2003-2009. TT, Georgia State, 2009-2012. T, Georgia St., 2012-present.

John Hoal. Space of Exclusion and Inclusion (May). Already T, WUSTL School of Architecture.

Whit Schonbein. An Intimate Affair: Cognition and its Physical Basis (PNP, Bechtel). Vtg., WUSTL, 2001-2003. Visiting, Mt. Holyoke, 2003-2005. TT, College of Charleston, 2005-2012. R&D Intern, University of New Mexico Computer Science, present.

Ken Shockley. Social Groups and Special Obligations (May). Visiting, Barnard, 2002-2003. TT, U. Buffalo, 2003-2009. T and Director, U. Buffalo, 2009-2015; T & Holmes Rolston III Endowed Chair in Environmental Ethics & Philosophy, Colorado State University, 2015-present.

Brooks Siegal. Character and Choice (May). Did not seek academic employment.

Angela Bolte. Autonomy, Care, and Anger: Incorporating Emotions into an Account of Autonomy (Friedman). Post-Doc, Nevada-Reno, 2001-2003. Left academia, 2003.

Karen Grayson. Making Moral Decisions: A Dialogical Approach to Ethics (Friedman). TT, Principia College (IL), 1990-2001. T, Principia College (IL), 2001-present.

Dennis Knepp. C. S. Pierce's Revision of Kant's Transcendental Analytic (Barrett). Big Bend (WA) Community College, 2001-present.

Chase Wrenn. Truth and the Normativity of Naturalistic Epistemology (Gibson). TT, U. Alabama, 2001-2007. T, U. Alabama, 2007-2016; T, U. Alabama, full professor, 2016-present.

Chris Eliasmith. How Neurons Mean: A Neurocomputational Theory of Representational Content (PNP, Bechtel). Post-doc, WUSTL Neuroscience, 2000-2001. TT, U. Waterloo, 2001-2005. T, U. Waterloo, 2005-present.

Pete Mandik. Objective Subjectivity: Egocentric and Allocentric Representations in Thought and Experience (PNP, Bechtel). TT, William Paterson U., 2000-2005. T, William Paterson U., 2005-present.

Kate Parsons. Tinted Moral Lenses: On Moral Perception and Self-Perception (May). TT, Webster U., 2000-?. T, Webster U., ?-present.

Richard Rubin. Metaphysics as Morals: The Controversy between John Dewey and George Santayana (Watson). Already non-academically employed.

Jonathan Waskan. The Medium of Thought: A Model of Representational and Inferential Productivity (PNP, Bechtel). TT, William Paterson U., 2000-2002. TT, U. Illinois, 2002-2010. T, U. Illinois, 2010-present.

Tad Zawidzki. Understanding Language without a Language of Thought (PNP, Clark). TT, Ohio U., 2000-2006. TT, George Washington U., 2006-2009. T, George Washington U., 2009-present.

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