Graham Renz's "Forms Are Not Emergent Powers" to appear in Inquiry

Graham Renz's (PhD Philosophy, 2023) paper "Forms Are Not Emergent Powers" has been accepted for publication in the journal Inquiry.  An abstract is below.  Congratulations, Graham!

Abstract: Hylomorphism is the Aristotelian theory according to which substances are composites of matter and form. If my house is a substance, then its matter would be a collection of bricks and timbers and its form something like a structure that unites those bricks and timbers into a single substance. Contemporary hylomorphists are divided on how to understand forms best, but a prominent group of theorists argue that forms are emergent powers. According to such views, when material components are arranged appropriately, a novel substance emerges with the power to impose unity on its components through time. I argue that these accounts of form fall prey to a bootstrapping problem, and so, suffer from issues of redundancy, given plausible assumptions about inherence. In their place, I suggest an ontologically minimalist conception of forms as collective manifestations of the powers of matter.