Hawkeye Award

Chloe Altschul and Andy Robaina, students in Philosophy 100, Logic, have emerged as winners of the first (and it is hoped, last) annual Hawkeye Award for spotting the largest number of glitches in First-Order Logic: A Concise Introduction (2nd ed, 2021) in their respective sections of the class.

The award was prompted by the fact that the 2nd edition of First-Order Logic included extensive changes, which, despite obsessive copy editing, inevitably issued in typographical slip-ups. Students using the text, together with course assistants Jessica Hung and Andrew Ramirez teamed up with the author to identify many of these, hence the Hawkeye Award. Many students participated, and their efforts are greatly appreciated. Chloe and Andy are to be congratulated for edging out their nearest competitors in a close race to the finish.