Jon Kvanvig's Book Reviewed

Professor Jon Kvanvig's book Depicting Deity: A Metatheological Approach reviewed in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews



"Assume God exists. Then a question that immediately follows is: What is God like? Kvanvig addresses this question by exploring the possibilities regarding the nature of God and what criteria are at hand to examine and compare them in terms of their explanatory strengths and limitations. He identifies three major metatheological alternative accounts which have been historically influential: “Creator Theology” (CT), “Perfect Being Theology” (PBT) and “Worship-Worthiness Theology” (WWT). In addition, he takes into consideration a “catch-all fourth possibility” (34), which is a metatheological anti-fundamentalism (MAF) in the sense that it denies that any of the divine attributes central to the other accounts is fundamental to the divine nature. Instead, what is needed for any substantive theology is a combination of some, or all, of the other three accounts."