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Judith Carlisle defends "What is Trauma? From Science to Social Justice"

The Philosophy Department is delighted to announce that Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology PhD student Judith Carlisle has successfully defended her dissertation What is Trauma?: From Science to Social Justice.  The dissertation committee members were Carl Craver (chair), Casey O'Callaghan, Ron Mallon, Lori Watson, and Richard McNally (Harvard University).  Judith's research revolves around trauma: What is trauma? Who determines what counts as a "traumatic experience" and what doesn't? Can entire groups be traumatized?  And in her dissertation, she argues for pluralism about trauma based on an examination of the ways the concept is used in psychiatry, psychology, and beyond.  In the Fall of 2024, Judith will join the Philosophy Department at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, as an Assistant Professor.  Congratulations, Dr. Carlisle!