the French quarter, New Orleans

WashU Philosophers at the 2024 Central APA

Philosophers from Washington University in St. Louis will be at the American Philosophical Association Central Division Meeting, taking place February 21st-24th in New Orleans

  • Anne Margaret Baxley will present comments in a colloquim on Kant (Wednesday, 1-3pm)
  • Gabe Siegel will present "Can Basic Perception Features Be Learned?" in a colloquium on perception (Wednesday, 1-3pm)
  • Graham Curtiss-Rowlands will present comments in a colloquium on normative ethics (Wednesday, 1-3pm)
  • Will Bell will present comments in a colloquium on responsibility (Thursday, 1-3pm)
  • Alex Wentzell will present "Locke on the Molyneux Question: A Sensible Point of View" in a colloquium on Early Modern theories of perception (Thursday, 3-5pm).
  • Shruti Santosh will present "Vindicating Berkeley's Theory of Depth Perception" in that same, all-WashU colloquium (Thursday, 3-5pm)
  • Eric Brown will present comments in a colloquium on Ancient philosophy (Thursday, 7-10pm)
  • Alex Cunningham will present "Reid's Moderate Aesthetic Realism" in a colloquium on Modern aesthetics (Friday, 9-10am)
  • Allan Hazlett will present "Phenomenal Knowledge and Imaginative Resistance" in a symposium on philosophy of film (Friday, 11-1pm)
  • Tomy Ames will present "Toward a Default Emotion" in a colloquium on cognitive science (Friday, 2-4pm)
  • Ron Mallon will present "Could Morality Be a Polymorphism?" in a symposium on evolutionary social science and philosophy (Friday, 7-10pm)
  • Casey O'Callaghan will meet his critics in a session on A Multisensory Philosophy of Perception (Saturday, 1-3pm)
  • Danielle Williams will present comments in a session organized by the Society for the Metaphysics of Science (Saturday, 1-3pm)