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WashU Philosophers at SSPP 2024

Philosophers from Washington University in St. Louis will be at the 115th meeting of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, taking place March 21st-23rd in Cincinnati.

  • Lesley Walker will present "Are we expert person-perceivers?" and Mason Westfall will present "What unifies social cognition?" (as well as comments on another paper) in a colloquim on social cognition on Thursday, March 21st, 12-2:25pm.
  • Danielle Williams will present comments in a session on philosophy of neuroscience on Thursday, March 21st, 12-2:25pm. 
  • Michael Barkasi will present comments in a session on memory on Thursday, March 21st, 12-2:25pm. 
  • Matthew Kern will present "Functional indeterminacy, addiction, and the harmful dysfunction analysis" (as well as comments on another paper) in a session on addiction on Thursday, March 21st, 2:30-5pm.
  • Gabe Siegel will present "Can basic perceptual features be learned?" in a session on perceptual experience on Friday, March 22nd, 8:30-10:55am. 
  • Tomy Ames will present "What fetuses know: the beginnings of core knowledge" in a session on applied psychology on Friday March 22nd, 8:30-10:55am.
  • Shruti Santosh will present "Pragmatic mathematical content in mental representation" and Danielle Williams will present "Thinking about levels" in a session on mental representation on Friday, March 22nd, 2-4:25pm. 
  • Judith Carlisle will present "How the body keeps score: shadow theories in clinical psychology" in a session on embodiment and agency on Saturday, March 23rd, 8:30-10:55am.