Maria Doulatova

PNP Graduate student
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B.A. Philosophy and Psychology, UCLA

M.A. Philosophy, UT Austin

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research interests:

  • My research revolves around philosophy of psychology, philosophy of mind, moral psychology, and philosophy of neuroscience. My main interest is understanding the inner realm (consciousness, emotions, agency, self-knowledge) and its underlying mechanisms.
  • My recent projects concern cognitive mechanisms underlying mindreading and their specialization in­­ our moral lives; reductionist theories of consciousness and phenomenology of mental effort; emotion regulation in moral expertise, and the place of disgust in moral judgment.
  • I have also investigated various forms of self-consciousness and their relation to agency. These questions have been fleshed out in the following debates: (i) subject individuation in split-brain patients, (ii) psychological continuity and self-identity (iii) valuation in the face of social constructivism, and (iv) agency in the face of mental disorders.
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