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Seminar: Blame and the Moral Emotions

Philosophy 521 - Spring 2019

In this seminar we will discuss the characteristic "moral" emotions of anger, resentment, moral disgust, gratitude, sympathy, etc. Part of this discussion will involve a consideration of how other emotions connect with these characteristic ones -- such as schadenfreude, and related "secondary" emotions. We will then turn to the issue of blame, and whether or not blame is essentially connected to negative emotions such as anger and resentment, and whether the function of forgiveness involves a foreswearing of these emotions. We will be considering work by Martha Nussbaum, Justin D'Arms and Dan Jacobson, Victoria McGeer, Thomas Scanlon, Susan Wolf, David Shoemaker, Angela Smith, and Antti Kauppinen, among others.
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Seminar: Blame and the Moral Emotions
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