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Seminar: Blame and the Moral Emotions

Philosophy 521 - Spring 2020

This seminar provides a graduate level introduction to the philosophy of medicine, a fast-growing philosophical field. We will explore both classic and cutting-edge work. The focus will be conceptual and epistemic questions in medicine and medical research. Topics explored will include: the concepts and nature of health, disease, and illness; disease kinds and classification; consideration of how psychiatry analyzes and proposes criteria for the definitions of psychiatric disorders and classifications, the roles of etiological and non-etiological characterizations of psychiatric disorders; the methodologies of clinical research; causation and measures of risk in epidemiology; evidence-based medicine; and values and the social epistemology of medicine. If there is interest, we may also consider the centrality of genetics, and genomics, to current disease classification, prognosis or treatment, or methodological and conceptual issues in evolutionary medicine. The above description is intentionally general, and the syllabus will be subject to change as the course develops.Tentative topics might change to reflect students' interests. Prerequisites: graduate standing, or permission of the instructor.
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Seminar: Blame and the Moral Emotions
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