In Memorium: Bob Barrett

Robert Barrett, Professor and Chair Emeritus of the Philosophy Department, has passed away. Bob was appointed as a regular member of the Philosophy department in 1963. He received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in 1961 with a dissertation titled C. I. Lewis's Analytic Method, directed by Victor Lowe. He worked as a chemist 1951-1956, and served in the U.S. Army 1954-1956. In 1964-1965 he was a consultant with the Rand Corporation. He chaired the Washington University Philosophy Department 1971-1980. He specialized in the Philosophy of Science, Logic, Epistemology, and the Philosophy of Language. He received research grants from Washington University and the National Science Foundation. He is author of Weather Aging of Plastic Materials, Colorimetry in Ordnance. He is co-author (with Alfred J. Stenner) of An Introduction to Logic and Its Applications in the Arts and Sciences, and (with Richard S. Rudner and Robert J.Wolfson) of Organizational Decision Theory: A Constructional Approach. He was editor of the Richard Rudner Memorial Issue of Synthese, and co-editor (with Roger F. Gibson) Perspectives on Quine. He participated in the Columbia University Press Philosophy Quotation Project, which was published as a book.