people sitting in a lecture hall

Civil Society Brunch series continues with a lecture on the significance of elections

Emilee Chapman (Stanford University) argued that elections are do more than gather information about voter preferences

The Civil Society Initiative hosted its second Civil Society Brunch event on Friday, March 29th, at the Charles F. Knight Executive Education and Confernece Center.  Emilee Chapman (Stanford University) gave a lecture entitled "What Are Elections for and How Can We Make Them Better," in which she argued that elections do not merely serve to aggregate voter preferences, but also crucially function to express democratic values and to socialize voters into the practices of citizenship.  Because of this, Chapman suggests several electoral reforms, including making election day a national holiday and lowering the voting age. 

The Civil Society Brunch series aims to give members of our community access to cutting-edge ideas and new perspectives on questions that matter for responsible democratic citizenship.  These public lectures will resume in the Fall of 2024.  For more information about this series and other Civil Society Initiaitve events, you can visit the Civil Society Initiative website.


Photos: Gabby Zhang