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James Gulledge defends "Perceptual Experience, Representation, and the Environment"

Congratulations, Dr. Gulledge!

The Department of Philosophy and the Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program are delighted to congratulate PNP PhD student James Gulledge, who successfully defended his doctoral dissertation Perceptual Experience, Representation, and the Environment.  His committee consisted of Casey O'Callaghan (Chair), Becko Copenhaver, Kathrin Glüer-Pagin (University of Stockholm), Jon Kvanvig, and Matt McGrath.  Dr. Gulledge's dissertation is about the place a theory of perceptual experience should assign to information about the environment that is available or “conveyed” to subjects, which they can notice, describe, or use in reasoning and acting. The thesis defends a novel account called “Doxastic Realism,” according to which both the environment itself and judgments are components, or constitutive parts, of non-hallucinatory perceptual experience.