statue of Socrates

Jeremy Henry defends "Socrates the Expert"

Henry has successfully defended his dissertation on expertise in Plato's Socratic dialogues

The Philosophy Department is delighted to announce that Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology PhD student Jeremy Henry has successfully defended his dissertation, entitled Socrates the Expert.  Eric Brown was the Chair of the dissertation committee, which also included Becko Copenhaver, Anya Plutynski, Luis Salas (Classics), and Allan Silverman (Ohio State University).  An abstract of the dissertation follows.  Congratulations, Dr. Henry!

Abstract: I argue that an account of recognizing experts can be drawn from the dialogues of Plato in which Socrates is engaged in the activities he describes in the Apology, that he is an expert in recognizing experts, and that this supports his argument that no one can be an expert in ethics. I also show that his account contains a decision procedure for recognizing experts and a view about the nature of expertise (from which that procedure is derived) that is very plausible for his purposes.