Gabe Siegel's "Perceptual Modes of Presentation as Object Files" to appear in Erkenntnis

Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology PhD student Gabe Siegel's paper, "Perceptual Modes of Presentation as Object Files," is now forthcoming in Erkenntnis.  Here's an abstract: "Some have defended a Fregean view of perceptual content. On this view, the constituents of perceptual contents are Fregean modes of presentation (MOPs). In this paper, I propose that perceptual MOPs are best understood in terms of object files. Object files are episodic representations that store perceptual information about objects. This information is updated when sensory conditions change. On the proposed view, when a subject perceptually represents some object a under two distinct MOPs, then the subject initiates two object files that both refer to a. My defense of this view appeals to its satisfaction of four constraints that I argue theories of perceptual MOPs should satisfy. Furthermore, I show that some existent accounts of perceptual MOPs fail to satisfy them. The defended constraints also indicate what is unique about perceptual, as opposed to linguistic or cognitive, MOPs."